Music and sounds for film, theater, art projects, media
Complete scores, opening themes, accent music - whatever your project needs to fulfill your vision




Work collaboratively with a composer virtually or in-person
Wide range of styles, sounds, moods
Fully analog, digital or a blend
Mobile production capabilities, can work on-site
Affordable, flexible licensing terms including spec work
Finished product delivery as mixed complete or in stems

All projects start with a first meeting to establish a shared understanding of your vision and goal. Our partnership is fully focused on creating the right musical support to enhance your artistic statement.

Music doesn't have to be an afterthought, a luxury, or a question mark. Reach out and you'll see why.



Tony Long is a multi-instrumentalist with 30+ years of experience writing, performing, and collaborating with a wide range of artists and producers. His style repertoire includes rock, dance, modern contemporary, jazz, and every mood in between. Related experience includes radio production, engineering at large studios, and producing content for the web.

Most sessions start with a guitar and/or bass to capture the musical idea and establish the tone and tempo. Typical pieces combine acoustic sounds with electronic elements. Other tools employed include Ableton Live, ProTools, Reason, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and a wide range of virtual and physical synths and filters. 

The goal is for the audience to be caught up in the moment, with a vibe that just feels right.

Samples of current ideas to show range. Since anything is possible, ask yourself: Why settle for library music?

Strange but uplifting...but strange, no two ways about it.

Big. Period.

Elegiac. Sweeping. Could also be sexy.

Curious blend of straight ahead with bleeps and saws.

When everything seems normal but something sinister lies beneath. Or when you're in plain sight doing something you shouldn't be doing...


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Skype: TonyCultEx
Phone/SMS: 213-784-2287